An honest review of Thunder Gaming Chair by "Lifted"

An honest review of Thunder Gaming Chair by

We recently received a Youtube review of one of our favorite gaming chairs, the Thunder Gaming TechniSport Gaming Chair, therefore, we decided to transcribe it and convert it into one of our Blogs. In this review, you'll find valuable and unbiased information about our product, our brand, and our company. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

"What's up, guys? It's your boy, Lifted here. Today's video is going to be a little different; it's actually going to be a build review video of a gaming chair that I recently purchased. My previous gaming chair was about seven months old. I bought it on Amazon for around $200, and it was starting to show signs of age, so I decided to upgrade. I was also looking for something to match my gaming/streaming PC's theme, which is red LED colors in a black case. And it's themed towards Star Wars, so I definitely wanted a black and red chair. My previous one was black, white, and gray camo.

So I ended up doing my research, and I found this company Techni Sport. And when I did my research on them, I was just blown away at the reviews. I mean, pretty much every single review is a four or five-star review. You get your couple of one-star reviews here and there, but nothing really super negative about the chairs. Some people complained about the armrests that they were too stiff, things like that. But other than that, it wasn't anything negative like the chair fell apart within x amount of time, so that's definitely something that caught my attention. Also, they're a local company based out of Florida, I'm in central Florida myself and they're in south Florida about two and a half hours away from me, so I'm definitely one to support local businesses. That's something that I'm big on, I'd rather buy from the mom and pops than buy from the big chain providers just because the local guys definitely need the help.

One of the most important things that stood out about Techni Sport to me is the fact that 3% of the proceeds of every chair sold goes to a different charity. For example, my chair goes towards disaster relief, their camo chair goes towards the veterans, and I believe it's either a white or a pink one goes towards Alzheimer's research. So that's definitely something that caught my attention because companies that are making a product and turn around and give some of that money back to something like Alzheimer's research or disaster relief, to me, that means a lot. It means that the company does have their community in mind, so that was definitely something that I liked about the company.

This is going to be a completely 100% honest and unbiased review of this chair and Techni Sport as a company. I am not sponsored, I am not getting paid for this in any way, I'm not making a cent off of it, I'm just doing it so that if you guys are out there trying to make a decision on what gaming chair to buy, you have someone like me, an average Joe, that is telling you the good and the bad of the chair. So definitely, like I said, this is going to be a 100% honest review. And if you guys have any questions about the building process, the quality of the chair, how the chair feels, go ahead and drop it down in the comment section below and I'll go ahead, and I make it a mission of mine to always engage my audience, engage you guys.

And I look at all my videos and whenever a comment is made I always respond and acknowledge those comments because I think it's very important that both I communicate with you guys and you guys communicate with me, so feel free to drop it in the comments and I'll definitely answer back. Other than that though, like I said, the video is 29 minutes long on the build side, I am going to speed up the video just for the sake of not having a 40 minute video and just having you guys sitting there while I'm building the chair, so I will speed that part up and then I'm going to go ahead and come back and we're going to do an initial first impressions review of the chair. But other than that, without further ado, I'll catch you guys in the building.

So I got to say that this build was honestly super easy. The manual is one page and it's six different steps and that's it, the chair is built. And you can see that in the video that it was pretty simple. They do something really awesome, so they included the tool to build the chair in the packaging with all the hardware, all the bolts, whether it's the big ones or the thin ones, the small ones, they all use the same head, so you only need one tool to build this and it comes with it. So that's super awesome because not everybody is prepared to have an Allen wrench or the L shape wrenches just laying around, so that's super convenient. The bolts, they had pre-applied Loctite on them, which is pretty cool because Loctite, when you're applying it, can get a bit messy. So that's definitely a plus because that's going to make sure that those bolts never walk out and the chair gets all wobbly and all shaky.


First impressions of the chair, I'm super excited about it. I love it. It feels comfortable. It is a brand new chair, so the neck pillow is a little stiff, the lumbar pillow also, but with time that definitely breaks in and it's not uncomfortable at all. I've been sitting in the chair now for about two or three hours and it feels super comfortable, so it'll definitely break-in. The seat part of it is memory foam, that, I don't think it's going to break in or get any softer than it is right now. And like I said, it's just super comfortable. I like the build quality of it, the fit, the chair feels very sturdy so, and it doesn't feel cheap at all. I mean, for a $420 chair with taxes and everything, it definitely should not feel cheap, and it does not, it does not disappoint.

One complaint that I've heard a couple of reviews that were on YouTube, that they didn't really go much into detail, but they did talk about it, is the armrests. So, I have the 4D armrests, they have three different arms to choose from. You have the 2D, which is up and down on the height adjustment and I believe the in and out motion of the armrest, that's padded on the 2D. On the 3D, I believe it goes to not being padded and it's kind of like the same thing as the 4D armrests, which is what I have, that it's like rubber that the top is kind of soft, and it has a basket weave style, carbon fiber looking pattern on it. It's not super stiff and I do hear that they tend to get softer as you use the chair. So the 3D goes up and down, has the side, the in and out motion, and then it does forward and backward on the armrests.

The 4D, what it does, is it does all of those plus the armrests move in and out, the part where you actually put your elbows that moves left and right so you get, if you want to kind of throw your arms out because you're watching a video or whatever, you can definitely do that. The cool thing about it is you can tune the chair to you. So, I have two monitors and I have my desk, my L-shape desk in front of me, keyboard and mouse is directly in front of me. The chair, I'm able to get it leveled with the desk to where it's comfortable for me to move my mouse and type if I'm playing a game or if I'm streaming or whatever it is, it's very comfortable, it's very leveled. So I don't have to raise the height of the entire chair to get my arms to line up, I can do it through the armrest, so that's definitely really convenient.

As I said, it's memory foam, padded on the seat, the back, the middle part is also padded, very comfortable, and as I said, the chair does recline up to 150 degrees, height adjustment, tilt adjustment. And it's pretty cool because, so the bar that you hit in the bottom of the chair to raise or lower the chair if you release the tension screw for the tilt, all you have to do is you pull the bar out and now you can rock the chair freely. If you decide you don't want the chair to rock anymore instead of having to hit the tension screw and reach in the bottom of the chair, you just push that bar in, that bar locks it in place so you can't rock it. So that's pretty convenient because you only have to adjust the tension screw once, which what I do is I just keep it in the softest setting.

Because I do, every once in awhile I'm just looking at videos that I edited or I'm watching one of my favorite streamers, I go ahead and unlock the tilt and I kind of lean back and I get comfortable with the chair. So, honestly it just... it feels like an awesome chair. I mean, I've seen chairs out there upwards of $1,000, and I feel that this chair has the same quality and the same construction. I mean, let's be honest, in the end, these chairs are all made in China. So, most likely all the materials are exactly the same unless it's an American made company. But I mean, a lot of the stuff, you flip it and look at it and it does say, "Made in China," so I definitely made sure to wash my hands, make sure I didn't get any coronavirus on my hands. We have such a craze going on with that now that I just, I find it hilarious sometimes.

People should be washing their hands. Now, this is a quick PSA, you should be washing your hands all the time anyway, whether the coronavirus is out there or not. I've seen people literally sneeze into their hands and then go and reach for a door handle, it's like, "Dude, come on." So definitely, guys, wash your hands all the time. But other than that, as I said, the chair's really smooth. You guys can see it has the Thunder Gaming logo on there, it has the Techni Sport logo in the bottom. And then if you turn the chair around, and you'll see it in the video too when I do the spin of it, there's the logo for Thunder Gaming. Very tasteful, very nice stitch, very... it feels like high-quality stuff. It doesn't feel like some plain old cheap chair that you paid a ridiculous amount for.


They also offer something called Afterpay. So, I paid for the chair in full but, the Afterpay for people that can't afford a $420 hit to the pocket immediately, Afterpay, you make four payments bi-weekly. You make the first payment, they ship out the chair to you, and then every two weeks they charge your account. For this chair would have been like $97 or something like that, because it was $389 plus taxes with free shipping. So, I mean other than that, the only negative thing that I would have to say about the chair is the fact that yes, the armrests are a bit on the stiff side, but it's not a deal-breaker. I know it's going to soften up because even when I pushed down on them they feel soft if you push hard. So I know eventually from where I place my elbows, that area's definitely going to get softer as time passes by. So, other than that, everything works perfectly in the chair. I'm super happy.

It's black and red, it matches my gaming PC, which is super dope. I have a Kylo Ren action figure inside of it. And I'll take... I'm going to do a review on the case that I recently purchased for my PC build because it's made by a company called NZXT and they just make awesome products. So, I have the black and red themed case that I am going to be a review on soon for you guys to look at it. As I said, my channel is going to be about streaming, it's going to be about gaming, but it's also going to be about gaming-related products because we're always in the market to buy new stuff or buy the latest stuff, and I would personally rather hear a review from an average Joe like me, that works a 9-5 and buys things out of his own pocket, than just listen to a company and their model and their review and their description of the item. I'd rather hear from somebody like me that paid their hard-earned money to buy these products.

And they're not always going to be 100% positive reviews, sometimes they're going to be negative reviews also, but that's the whole point of it. I want to be able to help you guys if you guys are trying to make a decision om something that you're buying, I want to help you guys, "Well, Lifted bought this and he says that it's working out for him, and he showed us and... " I do plan on coming back and making a three-month review of this chair. I think by three months with my gaming sessions that are usually between six to eight hours plus streaming and editing and everything else that goes on aside from the gaming, I'm definitely going to put this chair through its paces like I did my other one. So, I will definitely come back and re-review this chair after those initial 90 days and we'll see where we're at. But as of right now I am blown away. I'm very glad that I chose Techni Sport as a company and I chose their product and they definitely did not disappoint."

If you would like to see the full review on Youtube, you can go ahead and watch it here. Thank you for reading and we hope this post shed some light on our brand and products. 

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