GT Sport Review

Well Playstation's flagship racing simulator is back in a big way. GT Sport hit the stores last week and there has been a buzz in the air ever since, all the hype and anticipation has finally been answered with a solidly built racing simulator. It gets even better though if you're lucky enough to have a Playstation 4 Pro you can use it to its full potential running at a stunning 4K resolution and a crisp 60 fps.

The game itself has gone through a complete overhaul true to their words Polyphonics new installment is nothing like they've ever done before. The game itself is predominately online based meaning that you always need to be connected to the internet to play the game. This is due to the new ruling by the FIA (Federation internationale de l'Automobile) to keep check making sure that there is no hacking or cheating on the leaderboards.

It has been through conflict with fans and users alike about the current situation (needing a constant internet connection) I mean you cannot even enter the photo mode without being connected to the internet! Photo mode!

The campaign mode is well... short but sweet. I wouldn't call it a campaign as much as a drivers education course, GT sport is really focusing its efforts on making everyone a safe fair driver and this shows through the campaign. It teaches you how to time your braking before turns, how to corner using the throttle to assist you, using the apex on a turn and countless over techniques used by real racing drivers round the world.

Personally, I must have spent about three to four hours on the campaign mode constantly tormenting myself trying to get a gold medal on every challenge and beat my friends on the leader boards. On completion I felt like I was a professional driver! I knew how to take turns at speed, how to boost the throttle to pull the car back in straight when misjudging those hair pin turns.

The sport section on the home page is where the real fun begins, this is the online section where you get your ranking in driver skill and sportsmanship. That's the keyword of this review 'sportsmanship' Gran Turismo seems to be really putting the foot down here, it wants everyone to drive correctly and safely online and to some extent it works.

The Sportsmanship rating works well, if you drive over aggressively and spin off the track and contact over cars your rating will go down. If your sportsmanship rating goes down your general drive rating will not improve too. So be safe out there guys!

A common complaint I keep hearing is that any contact with another car will give you a negative sportsmanship review, I mean even if you're driving perfectly executing those perfect lines and you get someone ram into the back of you causing you to cascade off the course and yell some choice words aloud, you both get negative sportsmanship.


In conclusion I'd love to say GT Sport is the best racing simulator out on the market but sadly due to the lacklustre campaign and the fact you cannot even practice offline lets it down. Along with the fact that there is a tremendous lack of cars and race tracks compared to it's competitors it's just not up to the standard of the others on the market. Xbox's front line driving game Forza Motorsport 7 has more than double the available cars and tracks and also features a native 4k res which will run at a consistent 60 fps and not an upscaled effort like GT sport on the ps4 pro.

So, to narrow down I'll lay out the pros and cons of Gran Turismo Sport.


  • Stunning display
  • Perfect driving mechanics
  • Extremely good online matchmaking
  • Every car features a unique feel


  • Needs a constant internet connection to do anything!
  • Lack of driveable cars and race tracks
  • How it rates sportsmanship could use some tweaking
  • Very small campaign mode

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