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This past weekend’s TwitchCon brought with it a slew of professional streamers and casual gamers from all over the world. Along with art, clothing swag, and games; there were multiple companies who brought gaming and streaming enhancing equipment to sell. One of the latter companies was TechniSport. TechniSport partnered with eSports Arena and brought a booth with Super Smash Brothers for entertainment as well as competitive purposes and gaming chairs to show off and sell at the convention.

One of the main complaints about most people’s current gaming setup was that their chairs were either extremely old and falling apart, or they were couches, folding chairs, even worst they were sitting on the floor. Immediately after sitting in one of the TechniSport chairs, everyone gave an immediate sigh of relief. Even those who came by just to play Smash commented on how comfortable the chairs were. I, personally, had never sat in a TechniSport chair, but I have a broken foot and severe sciatic issues and thus am always skeptical about chairs. I sat in these chairs all weekend and I was amazed that not only did I not experience any pain from prolonged sitting, but I did not have any sciatic flare-ups which normally happens if the bottom of the chair is too thin.

Another comment that I frequently heard all weekend was the infamous, “...but I already have a gaming chair and it looks just like these chairs! How different can it actually be?” These comments were immediately retracted as soon as they sat down and realized that these chairs are much more comfortable than other so-called high-end brands. Comfort, however, is not the only thing that makes these chairs superior. These chairs also recline almost a complete 180 degrees. This was a huge deciding factor for a lot of people who weren’t immediately sold when they sat down. If that wasn’t enough, TechniSport also offers their chairs in a variety of colors. Each color represents a different charity and three percent of each sale on chairs goes toward the charity that the color represents. As a charity streamer, this was an enormous plus for me and it was also an enormous plus for other streamers that I talked to.

Overall, I was very happy with the level of craftsmanship in these chairs, as were the hundreds of people who stopped by the booth and tried out the chairs for themselves. Not only was I impressed with the chairs, but the team that was with eSports Arena and TechniSport made the environment very comfortable and welcoming. A lot of people, myself included, who sat down ended up staying for a bit and talking about the chairs, the sponsorship and affiliate programs, and the eSports opportunity for a few hours. Everyone made it fun and very informative and I am very glad they didn’t kick me out after the first day.

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