Techni Sport proudly presents, the Techni Sport Stream Ambassadors! This elite group of Techni brand influencers will be bringing you exciting daily content to our Techni Sport Twitch Channel. Join us daily for competitive games, engaging conversations, occasional giveaways and new deals!

Our team plays a variety of competitive and non competitive games, such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, Rogue, League Of Legends and many more.


Current Techni Sport Stream Team Members:


Preacher Twitch Streamer


Preacher is a live streamer and YouTube creator that loves to use his brand to bring life to his viewers, create community, and laugh...a lot. While competitive at heart, his goal is always to remind his audience of their deep value by helping them embrace their uniqueness and teaching them to love themselves.

Right now you can catch him live on Twitch where he streams mostly FPS Battle Royales, or on YouTube where he provides resources for other streamers looking to grow their brand.


Robot Giggles Techni Sport Stream Team


RobotGiggles likes robots and... well... giggling. She lives with her husband and her collection of old school robots in Atlanta, GA where she loves to get outside when she's not playing video games. When convention season is a thing again, she loves to cosplay as Wraith from Apex legends, Captain Marvel, and many more. Check out her streams for a wide variety of content that mostly centers around the FPS category. She loves to meet new people!


MrJayPrince Twitch Techni Sport StreamTeam


Born in Detroit and I've been gaming for 30 plus years. Retired Combat Veteran, that streams on Twitch. I love all things gaming and I play on Xbox mostly!! Come play or check me out!!




Hey everyone, I'm Megan, better known as A1000Years. I'm a full-time streamer that focuses on my community in various games like Apex Legends, Dead By Daylight, Among Us, and more! Some days we play like sweats, some days we run around blindfolded! My stream is a safe place for everyone to escape the world for a bit, so sit back, relax, and enjoy being part of our Alien Fam.


ReaperOfHugs42 Twitch Streamer


Hello all! My name is Reaperofhugs42, I'm a full time firefighter/EMT and a part time streamer. I started streaming October of 2018 to show my friends my PUBG gameplay, and worked steadily on my stream since. Thanks to the community's love and support, we've upgraded our setup and overall production quality. We've raised over $2,500 for varying charities like mental health to supporting cancer patients. I'm huge on chat interaction and make sure to show off my miniature dachshund (Tito) and my mustache on stream. Thanks for giving me your time.


TheOnlyTachyon Twitch Streamer


Greetings Travelers, name's Tachyon! What do I do? All of it! Adventure, innovation, and gaming is where I live! I'm a variety streamer, with an emphasis on the strange, the fast paced, and the unique with a huge emphasis on indie titles... god I love indie games. That doesn't mean I don't play Triple-A titles every now and again as well. I've been streaming since 2016 and my mom still thinks I'm gonna be a doctor. Remember be good, be fun, be real; with yourself and others! Can't wait to meet you all!