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TS61 COMFORT PLUS Grey Gaming Chair

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  • COMFORT+ back support pillow
  • U-Shaped Neck Pillow included
  • 150° Back Reclining Mechanism
  • TechniFlex Synthetic Upholstery
  • Height Adjustable Seat Mechanism with Tilt Tension Control
  • 3D arms: 1.height  2.swivel  3.forward/back
  • High Quality Molded Foam Seat
  • Heavy Duty Steel Base
  • Double Wheel Non-Marking Casters
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Steel Frame with Lifetime Warranty
  • 3% of Black Chair sales go toward causes that support Alzheimer's research

Customer Reviews

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TS61 COMFORT PLUS Grey Gaming Chair

Great chair

The chair I said in previous to purchasing this one caused me a lot of pain in my lower back since I have gotten this outstanding chair my back has stopped hurting I'm able to sit here for longer and not be in pain 10 out of 10

Grey and black ultra comfort gaming chair

Chair is awesome. Costumer service is awesome.


Very good chair once put together. Difficult to put it together without a second person around though.

Thank you for the review. Yes Gaming chairs are a bit more difficult due to its 'recline' mechanism needing to be connected to the back with 2 brackets in order to function. Some do require additional hands, some do not. Still thank you for your purchase and enjoy the comfort of our TS61 COMFORT+ Chair.
Hands down the best chair I have EVER sat in.

I have a disability. Severe nerve damage and an implanted spinal cord stimulator with wires running up my spine. Part of a vertibrae removed where the leads go through and actually contact my spinal cord. Yes, it can be as uncomfortable as it sounds sometimes. In fact, most chairs I can only sit in for a few hours at most. And it's hard to find any that allow any real degree of comfort for more than maybe 1-2 hours. On top of that, I usually need it to be tilted and reclines at a VERY particular angle.
Anyway, I'm writing telling you all that to give context.
We first saw these chairs at their booth at C2E2. I've tried lots of gaming chairs before. But after hobbling around with my cane, I needed to get off my feet for a moment, so I sat down in the Comfort Plus.
The effect was instant. I let out an audible noise. Like a groan. It actually removed pain. Made my back feel better. I have NEVER felt anything like that since I got hurt. And it wasn't just me. There were some guys that came down and sat in the chairs next to me and they did the same thing. Let out the same moan of absolute comfort. I'm calling it the techni-groan at this point.
I was planning on ordering later, but the price was too good. They were offering a c2e2 sale, so I bought one right away.
The chair was simple to put together. It's like a Lego chair. Instructions were simple. Couldn't have been more clear. In fact every single aspect of this purchase has been just mind-blowing. From assembly to use.
Even my father, a notorious grump, came by and saw me assembling it. He sat in it and made the Same. Exact. Sound. I don't think you can sit in this chair and NOT make a sound. It's the sound of pain and stress instantly leaving your body.
This chair has actually made my back hurt LESS after sitting in it. It is hands down the best purchase I have ever made in my entire life. And the warranty on the churchair was mind-blowing too. I had the chance to meet one of the designers at c2e2, ...