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Orange Techni Sport Gaming Chair
Taylor Lyles T.L. Taylor L.
Pretty comfy

Pretty comfortable, kind of wish the chairs assemble instructions were a bit more clear too.

Black Techni Sport Gaming Chair
Devilxkillerx66_4trs D. Devilxkillerx66_4trs
Phenomenal chair!

I'll keep it short and sweet.
-Looks great. Whatever color option you choose
-comfortable for the price point you may feel it's high but when your enjoying long gaming sessions why compromise and use that folding chair in the garage. Get a throne!
-Easy to setup all the parts and tools are there. Unlike the Lëninkügal from that dastardly Swedish kompany
-Stop reading this and buy this chair now!

Blue Techni Sport Gaming Chair
Max Kesselhaut M.K. Max K.
Team Eminent!

Love the chair, super comfortable and easy to put together

Yellow Techni Sport Gaming Chair
Justin Bollinger J.B. Justin B.
Amazing Product

The chairs were easy to put together and have amazing adjustable features! Can't wait to use them as our permanent gaming/office chairs. Speedy delivery and huge savings were a plus! Techni is doing a really good job! Keep it up!

Yellow Techni Sport Gaming Chair
Kaliitto K. Kaliitto
Most comfortable chair I've ever sat in!

I STRONGLY recommend @Technisport products to ANYONE who is thinking about getting one but isn't sure if they want to or not.

Most comfortable chair I've ever sat my big butt in Lol jk.

In all seriousness tho GET ONE RIGHT NOW! Now thru the 19th @technisport is offering 20% off for blue and yellow chairs only. And don't forget to use promo code: MOABGAMING for an extra 10% off. So you get a 30% discount in total. The original price is $299, with the 20% off its $239, and with the code: MOABGAMING 10% off the price goes down to a all time low of $216!

You can't ask for a better deal for such high quality products! I'm serious get one right now!

Black Techni Sport Gaming Chair
Judy D J.D. Judy D.
Looovvveeee my chiar!

I really love my chiar! It is the most comfortable and good looking chair I've ever had! I also love that Techni Sport donated 3% of my sale to Alzheimer's
reasearrch! Way to go Techni Sport!!

Black Techni Sport Gaming Chair
Will Johnson W.J. Will J.
Best Gaming Purchase Yet!!

I got my Black TechniSport chair in about a week ago and I love it! It makes those multi-hour gaming a lot more comfortable. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a decently priced, high quality gaming chair!!