How long will it take before I am accepted into the program?
We evaluate all applicants individually. If accepted, you should get a response within 7 days

Will I get a reply if I am not accepted?
We receive hundreds of applications on a weekly basis, therefore it is not possible for us to reply all applications.  You will only receive a reply if accepted.

Do I need to pay to join?
The affiliate program is free to join, and you can opt out at any time.

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate?
Please read all details listed under the “SIGN UP” tab from our site.

I live outside of the U.S., should I still apply?
YES, you can apply. Should you earn a FREE reward, be advised that you will be responsible for shipping costs as well as any import duties or taxes related to your country.  

How can I keep track of my sales and commissions?
You will have access to an affiliate “dashboard”.  It will show dollar amounts sold.

How soon will sales show up inside the dashboard?
It takes up to 1 week from the purchase date to show up. If after a week you do not see anything, then contact us via e-mail info@technisportusa.com

When do I get paid sales commissions? We pay commission 45 days receipt of sales.

How do I get paid sales commissions? We pay all sale commission through PayPal. We use the email address that you sign up with or the one you provide for PayPal when you completed the Affiliate Application. 

Can I change my affiliate code?
You are allowed to change your affiliate code once, please send request to  info@technisportusa.com

Can I mix different products sold to earn a reward?
We do not allow mixing different products to earn your FREE rewards. Must follow the rewards chart.

What is the minimum age allowed to apply?
You must be 18 or older to apply.
I have a product issue or question, who do I contact?
For product issues you can send an e-mail to warranty@rtaproducts.com or call 866-782-5520 to speak to customer support , M-F from 9am – 4:30pm EST.
What is the best and fastest way to contact TechniSport?
Send any inquiries to info@technisportusa.com