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Pro Gamer Series

Scholars have long debated the origins of The Pro Gamer Series. The most common theory is that a Mad Scientist created the first Prototype by crossing a racing car with a Lazy boy. However, Gamers claim to have known these creatures for thousands of years, and some Streamers insist that they have always existed in cyber space.

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This is an enigma that we at Techni Sport have dedicated our lives to understanding. We have tracked and documented these great titans in an attempt to comprehend their purpose and nature, and have frowned upon any who have sought to hide them from the masses. The most interesting creatures we've collected.

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Each chair color represents a different charity with 3% of all sales getting donated.

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Techni Sport Gaming Desk - Rigel

Regular price $119.99
  • Allows for Multi-Monitor Gaming Setup
  • Gaming Scratch resistant tempered glass desktop
  • Ambidextrous Gaming Setup – assemble it LEFT or RIGHT hand
  • Straight X-shape Scratch Resistant Steel frame
  • 110 lb. weight capacity, the curved corner panel has a 66 lb. weight capacity.
  • Overall Size: 46 X 51 X 51 in
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ships in 1 Box

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