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8 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience

8 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience

Unfortunately, gaming on mobile is not as common as with PC and consoles. This doesn’t mean that it’s an inferior choice. Mobile phones are highly portable. To make it even better, there are a few ways you can enhance the experience. We discussed 8 of them give you the ultimate mobile gaming experience.


Good Mobile Headphones

To get the most out of your game, ditch your speakers. No matter how good the speakers on your device are, you won’t get a very immersive experience without earphones. You could use wired ones – they are more affordable than wireless counterparts. They are also freely available. However, the cord would restrict your movement.

Of course, headphones work as well. Just like their alternative, purchasing a wireless one would be the best choice.

As there are so many options around, do your research. The bass and clarity can be very different.


Cell Phone Power Banks

You’re probably aware that gaming on mobile won’t last as long as with PC and consoles. This is because phones don’t come with large capacity batteries. The largest unit you’ll get would be around 6000 mAh. If you play an extensive game, the battery would drain in a couple of hours.

Thankfully, power banks exist. They can replenish your device’s battery while gaming. This is great as you don’t have to worry about the brightness and graphics of your display. You’ll only have to stop gaming when your eyes are tired.


Disable Navigation Buttons

Mobile Gaming Tips

With the slight movement of a finger, you could accidentally go to your home-screen during an intense match of Call of Duty. Depending on the manufacturer you purchased from, there may be a phone trick to help prevent this.

Xiaomi has your back. You can go to your unit’s quick panel and disable its navigation options. The best part of this trick is that it’s even available in budget Xiaomi handsets. 


Update Your Device Often

Depending on the manufacturer you purchased from, your phone will receive updates at different times. If it’s a brand that places Stock Android on units or a UI that isn’t very heavy, you’d receive updates regularly.

Manufacturers issue updates not only to remedy security patches but optimize systems with them too. Mobile games can be very extensive, especially those with high-graphics. With your handset regularly updated, it would be able to handle them better.

You can head to your system’s settings to see if an update is due. If you have an older model, it might not receive updates as often. The carrier you purchased from also influences how regularly you’ll receive them.

Explore VR Gaming

VR Gaming

Diving into virtual reality sounds exciting to anyone. Unfortunately, many think virtual reality headsets are too expensive to purchase. This is far from the truth. Headsets like the Tzumi Dream Vision Pro and ONN VR are available under $50. All you need to do is snap your phone into it.

Compared to the number of VR games on PlayStation and PC, you won’t get a diverse selection. The brand also influences what games you’ll be able to play.


Use Gaming Mode

Hopefully, your device has a gaming mode. What it would include depends on the handset brand. Most of the time, it would include blocking notifications, boosting RAM, disabling auto brightness, and calls either being rejected or automatically going to loudspeaker when answered.


Remove Unwanted Apps

The number of apps on your phone will also influence your mobile gaming experience. Unfortunately, the storage your device offers may not be large enough. However, you probably have a lot of applications built-in already. They would eat at the system, especially if they run in the background. This would limit resources, preventing you from gaming as extensively as you want.

It’s easy to delete an app from your phone, so you have nothing to worry about. Although you may not use a certain app, you might hesitate to delete something outright. There is no need to fear, as you can get a microSD slot. You’ll be able to expand your storage by double, even triple the amount.

You could also go to your system’s settings, and check which apps make use of the system’s resources the most. Instead of uninstalling them, you can disable them so they don’t affect your gaming experience.


Use Discord


Discord Techni Sport Gaming Snapshot


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know what Discord is. It is a messaging app that took the world by storm and was created with gamers in mind. You can create private servers for you and your friends, communicating with them through text or audio.

When you use Discord’s voice-chat, it’ll keep you connected while on other apps. This is what you need when playing multiplayer games. You’ll be able to communicate with your buddies, while expertly maneuvering the field.

Being able to communicate with your friends while gaming not only makes things easier but also creates a more fun experience.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways your mobile gaming experience can be improved. Although we ran through a list of 8, there are a couple more great ones to utilize. We discussed some of the points we think are the best.

The best method is not to rely on your device’s speakers. They won’t provide an immersive experience as headphones or earphones, no matter how loud they are. When it comes to the tech, pick something wireless. When you’re playing games where you have to rapidly move your device, having a cord doesn’t help.

Another great way to improve the experience is by using a power bank. Mobile gaming can be extensive, causing your battery to rapidly drain.

Speaking of which, apps running in the background could be wreaking havoc on your gaming too. You’ll be able to optimize your device by getting rid of them. If you don’t want to do that, you could disable them.

Hopefully, you will be making use of everything we discussed and expand your gaming experience.


Article by Valerie Ježková


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