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How to successfully interact with your streaming audience?

How to successfully interact with your streaming audience?

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In this post, we will look into the importance of good audience interaction during a stream. We will explore different ways to be better at it and learn some ideas from the best streamers out there. Let's dive in and discover the hot tips and tricks to be great at interacting with your stream chat. 

Read the comments and respond to as many as you can

The best streamers we've seen are excellent at interacting with their audience and making it seem fluent and casual. Have you ever seen the chat rooms of Ninja or Shroud? They've mastered the art of following through fast-flying comments, and so can you. Starting with a small audience gives you proper training to learn the following and reading the ever-growing comment section in your channel. A great tip is to add a chat monitor. You can pick one of a smaller size or a flipped monitor to 90 degrees, which makes it easier to read the chat room. Place it side by side with your gaming monitor, so you don't forget to keep an eye on it and respond to your most active followers. 

Start with bots and progress to mods

Sometimes there will be comments that come off as toxic or simply uncomfortable to answer. At first, you can set up bots to take care of abusive content and make sure they keep your channel clean. You can use the pre-packed bots in different software platforms, like Steramlabs. Add automated messages for chat interaction like in-chat games or notifications about the brands you are affiliated with. As your channel grows, you will be able to find people who would be interested in moderating your chat room, and your streaming life will get much easier with the real-time support mods provide.

Learn how to make chat interaction seem casual

Spend some time watching the biggest streamers. You'll be able to recognize how they involve the audience in the chatter and the madness of the gameplay. It's essential to make your chat feel like an organic interaction, that is enjoyable for an audience member. Your chat has to feel like they are contributing actively to the story.

That is what makes people want to follow you and log back on. If they feel like they are genuinely part of the fun, they are more likely going to be joining the conversation and to be coming back for more. When you barely acknowledge people in the chat or disregard donations and the like, people will switch off soon.

Our final thoughts

Remember that you want to be building a loyal community of people who come back and genuinely enjoy every part of your gaming commentary. It would be best if they interact with each other and are all looking forward to hanging out together in your "going live" time. That is indeed the essence of building a loyal audience that will keep supporting you as you grow. 

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