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Top TechniSport Gaming Chairs 2020

Top TechniSport Gaming Chairs 2020

Whether you are a professional gamer or someone looking to find a pro gamer rig for your home, it pays to know where to look. As you no doubt know, many gamers enjoy sitting in a quality gaming-specific setup. Their rig, their peripherals, and their hardware should all be in close proximity for easy and stress-free access. Professional gaming is a challenge for the body and your mind, so it pays to have a setup that allows you to play without putting pressure on yourself.

Where, though, do you start? What matters most to a pro gamer when it comes to buying a good quality gaming chair?

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to begin. Thankfully, we’ve made this process easier for you. So, in the race to find the best gaming chair quotes, take a look at the few options we chose for you below. These were our staff picks of the year!


Kawaii Computer Chair

TS42 Kawaii

Out of all the chairs that you might consider to buy, the TS42 Kawaii should definitely be one of your first stops. It has a unique design, being the first of a kind pro gamer to feature beautiful Kawaii colors. That happy blend of purple, pink, white and green all come together to complete this very enjoyable gaming seat.  

Important factor is to look at the technical performance of the Kawaii TS42. It has a really high level of comfort, which is essential to every gaming chair. Includes an adjustable height and multi-tilt mechanism, ensuring you can find the perfect gaming position. Some of its features include a lumbar support heart-shaped pillow, comfortable pads for your arms to rest on and a heavy-duty steel frame with a lifetime warranty. It has been the dream chair for many and hopefully, you'll find it as awesome as we do!

Comfort Gaming Chair

TS61 Comfort Plus

As the name suggests, the TS61 Comfort Plus is here to help you to feel great even throughout your longest gaming sessions. Great for everything from strategy gaming to MMOs, and even extensive office work, this is the chair that can up your sitting experience any day. Out of all the options we could suggest, this chair is the top of the line when it comes to an all-around comfort.

TS 61 is very different than the previous model we looked at. TechniSport TS61 Comfort Plus has a built-in lumbar support pillow, ensuring your entire back is supported from top to bottom while playing video games. The u-shaped neck pillow that comes with this chair is absolutely awesome and you could even consider taking it on an airplane with you!


TS90 Gaming Chair

Last but not least, we highly recommend looking at the Pro Gamer series, and specifically at the classic TS90 in black and red. If you are searching for that racing look, you are one click away. Inspired by the ergonomics of a race car seat, TS90 brings the appeal to your gaming setup, as well as the desired functionality.

All the pro gamer chairs are easily adjustable and come in red, blue, white and pink. They all come with a memory foam seat and back, adjustable lumbar and neck pillows, and a lifetime warranty on the heavy-duty steel frame. Perfect for those who find they jump and jut around a lot while gaming; these luxurious gaming seats will help you give you the bodily support you need to succeed with relative ease.

TechniSport Gaming Chairs

So, what should I buy?

That is a choice that only you can make. The above chairs all give you a chance to get a professional gamer setup that should make your gaming far more enjoyable. The only challenge is picking which shape and color of the gaming chair you want, based on what kind of gamer you are.

Do you want comfort? Design? Adjustability? Features? Value? 

Whatever you are looking for, we have it covered. From an extra comfortable purple gaming chairs to racing-inspired models, at least one of the covered gaming seats will suit your esports needs. Just head to the TechniSport online store and you can choose from over 30 different styles of gaming chairs along with gaming desks, pads and gear.

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