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6 Awesome Gaming Room Setup Ideas

6 Awesome Gaming Room Setup Ideas

img by @kikionie


Creating a gaming room is always exciting. For best results, try to avoid rushing the process, take your time to do your research to create a gaming setup that will make you happy. Today we will look into 6 types of gaming rooms we love.

Kawaii style gaming room

Kawaii Style Gaming Room
img @ohayukitten


The Kawaii style gaming room should include your gaming items in pastel colors - pink, green, blue etc. As you can see in the picture above, the Techni Sport Kawaii gaming chair matches the colors of the bedsheets and all the toys. Make sure to buy all your gaming peripherals in the same color palette. In case you can't find pastel colors monitor or keyboard, then you could even use stickers or paint it in a "dyi" fashion. 


Futuristic Video Game Room

Futuristic Purple Gaming Setup

img @kaityboosaysdie

This Techni Sport futuristic gaming setup has been one of our all time favorite. Look at the consistency and the flow of this room. The dual monitor setup, the deep purple colors, and the beautiful guitars on the wall make this room a really dreamy environment to spend long hours gaming. If you can add RGB lights and opt in for a minimalistic design, that adds up to the futuristic feel of your gaming setup. Bring in that cyberpunk appeal as much as possible.


Military Gaming Setup



The military style gaming setup can incorporate camouflage colors or military props. You could simply use a camo gaming chair, wood gaming desk, and military style posters on your walls. The look of the Military type of gaming room makes it perfect for streaming first person shooters and military games, like Counter-Strike or Call Of Duty.


Music producer gaming room

Music Producer Gamer Setup

img @djizzyrock

When you think about the gamers that are also music producers, you have to think of extra functionality. This type of gaming setup has to include all the space needed for both, musical equipment and gaming peripherals. Be creative, make your setup look appealing and functional at the same time. In the image above you can see how compact this gaming setup is, making it easy to reach anything and play on multiple controllers at the same time. Needless to say, you also want the best speakers that you can find!


Star Wars Gaming Room

Star Wars Gaming Setup
img @lifted__yt

When you love Star Wars, it’s easy to find items to transform your game room into a Star Wars haven! You probably already own your favorite fan figures and posters, just be creative and arrange them nicely in your themed gaming room. It's not a bad idea to also add some stickers to your gaming PC box or desk.


Home Office Gaming Room

Home Office Gaming Setup

img @jbrewski85

In the image above you can see a home office gaming setup that features the Techni Sport Echo Gaming Chair. The office space of your home uses the same features as your gaming setup, with a different design.  There are many ways to build a gaming home office and benefit from the best of both words. A good way to do that is to use a good gaming chair for the its great style and extra comfort. The rest of the setup you can design in a more traditional way. 



This article is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to build or improve their gaming room setup. Keep in mind that it may take some time to match all the setup pieces and style your room nicely, but the results will be worth it. Let us know in the comments below if you have ideas for unique gaming setups! 

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    You need a pink and white I don’t see that you have a pink and white gaming chair

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