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Budget PC gaming setup for beginners

Budget PC gaming setup for beginners

Creating a great gaming setup on a budget might sound hard, but the truth is that with the right ideas, you can easily make your vision a reality. It all comes down to pursuing your dream of creating a cool gaming setup and adapting it accordingly. Here you have some ideas on what to include when creating your first gaming setup.


Gaming chair

It’s crucial to stay safe at all times and protect your back as you play games. Without an ergonomic chair, you might end up with lots of terrible back pain. Thankfully, a good gaming chair will help you maintain a proper posture and eliminate any possible future issues. You will feel much better; therefore, your gaming skills will be improving faster, and you will be able to sit and game for longer hours.

Gaming desk

Inevitably, you will need to place your computer, monitor, keyboard, and mousepad on top of something. We recommend looking into a gaming desk that will have extended warranty and will guarantee you many years of comfortable gaming sessions. With an ergonomic gaming desk, you will cover not only the need to have a desk space but also the ultimate performance for dominating your rivals. Some desks even come with headphones and cup holders, so dive in and explore some gaming desk options.

Large mousepad

Every gamer knows that a large mousepad is essential because you move your mouse around constantly. A large gaming pad protects your desk while also offering plenty of room for your enhanced mouse movements. It is not a big investment, and it makes a huge difference, so we have included it as one of the basics of a gaming setup.

Headset and mouse wire holders

Almost everyone already owns a pair of headphones, and there are many options for affordable headsets. The holders are a great addition because they allow you to utilize your desk space better and keep your headset within a convenient reach. The mouse wire holder prevents issues when the wire is constantly pulled out of the desk space. Simple additions like these help a lot, and they can make the experience better than you imagine.

Mic stand or mount

If you’re looking to get into streaming, or want to have a better way of talking with teammates as you play, you may want to invest in a webcam and a mic stand, or a desk mic mount. There are many options for different prices and shapes of mic holders, some starting at $15, and they are going to enhance your gaming.

LED lights

A perfect inexpensive hack for a great-looking gaming room is adding LED lights. You can use black lights or neon hue light strips at the back of your monitor, under your desk, and showcase a light spectacle. There are a lot of different LED strip brands you can find online, definitely worth checking those out.

USB desk fan

This one is another excellent inexpensive idea, as a fan keeps you cool during the hot summer nights. Computers generate a lot of heat, and gaming in your room can get pretty warm. Another use for the desktop fan would be recreating a gentle summer breeze in your hair while streaming. It could be a fun way to engage with your audience. Professional photographers have been using this trick for years, why not try it out yourself?

Cable management sleeve

No one likes to see lots and lots of wiring on their desk. With a proper cable management sleeve, you can easily keep all those wires in place. It’s a great, inexpensive solution that makes your gaming setup sleek and worthy of sharing with the rest of the gaming world.


These are some of the gaming essentials you can start with. With time, you can upgrade your gear a little by little and take your gaming setup to better performance levels. You don’t have to spend a lot of money upfront to enjoy a great gaming room. Just make sure you don’t compromise on your comfort. That should be the highlight for every aspiring gamer. The right gaming setup will enhance your performance and make your gaming more enjoyable. 

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