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Top 5 Most Addicting Games

Top 5 Most Addicting Games

Top 5 Most Addicting Games

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Aaah video games! The time honored electronic entertainment medium that keeps us staring at a screen for hours on end while our parents try to call us down for dinner to no avail. From slaying cyber demons, to commanding armies from above, there’s so many ways to drown hours from our day behind a controller or keyboard. So which are the most day grabbing, time crushing, I-just-realized-I-forgot-to-eat games of all time? We here at Techni Sport have narrowed it down to the following 5.

League of Legends

People who play League of Legends LIVE League of Legends. Sure, there are other multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) out there, but those are just games. LoL is life. And life is always calling you back. It’s hard to explain how, but the real-time action chess which is LoL pulls you in like a good Thresh player, and turns the sweetest people salty in less time than it takes to kill a level 1 melee minion. I’ve seen good people turn bad in pursuit of that empowering victory, and when rank  is involved, it’s hard to think of anything other than the game. Though it's not a game-- it's life.

league of legends line up

World Of Warcraft

Though EverQuest (more often referred to as EverCrack in the gaming community) is widely considered the forefather for the infamous time-suck model of modern Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) play, the trophy  goes to the game that usurped the crown: World of Warcraft. Blizzard’s 2004 famous Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)  is based on the lore of their most popular Real Time Strategy (RTS) game.  This game not only perfected the model of inescapable feedback loop, but proved its Titanic presence through longevity-- infecting contemporary culture everywhere from Leeroy memes to South Park episodes. It’s been nearly twenty years, and some still can’t put down their need for these macros.

world of warcraft wallpaper


You may not like the game, but for the over six (6) million players that do, putting down the controller is as easy as picking up Thor’s Hammer. From it’s daily quests to a changing map or from balanced levels of action and exploration to an ever changing item store, this game has broken countless barriers to  the age old  question “how do we make it so you're never bored?” Fortnite changed the way most games modelled their feedback loop for player enjoyment. They perfected it so well that even the World Health Organization has used it as the basis for their claims on video game addiction.

fortnite wallpaper with 5 people dressed up in fun, exciting skins


Just. One. More. Run.

If you’ve ever played Hades, you know these words all too well. If I had a nickel for every time I told myself “Oh just one quick game,” then 4 hours later I realize the sun is already down and my hands have cramps from white-knuckling a controller-- I’d be the richest streamer on Twitch. The mix of fast-paced excitement, endless offensive combinations, procedurally generated encounters, and over ten thousand unique  one liners  not only put it  in a league of its own, but make this game unstoppably enticing.

hades video game wallpaper


Apparently it was never just a phase…  Far from it, Minecraft has given millions of creatives and adventurers a home to build and adventure in for a decade. I mean, as a kid if you were given infinite lego blocks to build anything you wanted in a gigantic room that you could fly in, would you ever want to stop? As a full grown adult that still sounds appealing, and I’m clearly not the only would-be-flying-architect of a voxel kingdom as there are currently approximately eleven (11) million active players still building their dreams daily. Talk about addicting!

minecraft wiki wallpaper


All in all, it's too easy to fall into a feedback loop with these addicting games... This is all, of course, opinion and maybe whatever game you play, you might consider to be the most addicting game ever. I haven't played every game ever, but know the ones listed to be games that many people have found themselves hooked on.


Article by Tachyon

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