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Interview with Twitch streamer and Techni partner J_Anchor

Interview with Twitch streamer and Techni partner J_Anchor

We are pleased to have this conversation! Let's start with the games you've been into lately. Tell us more! What have you been enjoying to play lately?

Thank you for this opportunity and it's very nice to meet you! Lately, I've been playing Final Fantasy Seven Remake, which recently came out like a week or two ago, Fortnight, APEX remake games I mostly played because of nostalgia. Then a lot of the Battle Royale games - they're highly demanded on Twitch, so they're suitable if you want to increase your viewership, although they tend to get oversaturated a little bit. But there are enough viewers to go around. You just have to use your social media to get it out there. Use Instagram, Twitter, blogs, you know, as you think of different ways to get your stream out there, so you can increase your viewership. Often in my streams, people ask me how do I get my viewership up? I tell them a lot of times it's more what you do OFF OF TWITCH than what you actually do ON TWITCH. Because on Twitch, people are just searching randomly, but if you are using Discord, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it's narrowed it down more. It would be easier for them to find you there, and then you can transfer them to Twitch. 

Can you please describe to us your gaming setup? 

This is how I have it set up. I have an Asos gaming laptop and an external monitor. I have an Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. My camera is the Logitech Brio 4k Webcam. And then, I have various lights for different purposes, like if I'm streaming, or doing an interview. Of course, my number one is my TS 49 Techni Sport Gaming Chair, which is pretty awesome. I was thinking about upgrading it to a TS80, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. 

Ts 80 is a great chair as well. It has a taller back, so it will fit you since you are tall. Tell us how did you find out about Techni Sport?

The truth is that I'm actually friends with one of your affiliates, Miss Ali. We are both affiliated with another company. When I looked at her bio, she has Techni Sport as one of her companies of choice to work with. She often posted pictures of her gaming set up, I saw your chairs, and I thought: "Oh wow, those chairs really do stand out, compared to other companies." Then I looked into your affiliate program and found out it is one of the best out there, if not even the best one I've seen compared to a lot of other companies. You treat your affiliates and partners well; you communicate with them, and the logo is spot on, it's actually amazing. I often wear my Techni gear outside my home, like going to the movies or the mall. I would get kids coming from GameStop or Best Buy, or just generally walking in the mall, people ask me what am I repping, just from seeing the logo. You could just wear the Techni Sport gear out, people will ask you questions about the brand, and that helps! I have even made my own cards for such situations, and when they ask me, I'd give them a promo card with my code on it. 

That's an awesome idea, thanks for sharing it with us! Tell us about your experience as a Techni Sport partner?

To start with, I am grateful that you all are allowing us to use your name in my Instagram bio because that increases my search engine optimization as a gamer. People can easily find me when they are looking for Techni Sport discount codes, or if they want to know more about me because I am a partner. I'm able to utilize your brand to help my brand and vice versa. I have the Techni Sport's logo all over my streams on my Twitch, Twitter, and every social media channel. I know this is not a monetary benefit, but it's an intangible benefit that increasing the brand trust value for both parties. That's something more people need to understand. It's not always all about the commissions, which are great, but it's also about the relationships, the partnerships, and what value both parties can provide to each other.

It's wonderful to know there's more to gain than just the high commissions and winning our products. Try to describe us with two words.

Okay, two words! The first word would be "charitable" because I love the fact that you support charities, and especially the Wounded Warriors Foundation because I'm a Navy officer myself. Therefore, anytime that we are supporting the veterans touches me deeply. You also support autism, breast cancer, endangered species, and all the other amazing charities, and I don't know too many brands that help so many charities, all at once. The fact that you have each color chair go to a different category is an absolute winner for me. I've had at least one friend or someone in the family, or at school that has such a disability. Every time I'm looking at those charities, I'm thinking about either a family member, a friend, or someone I work with. That's why I'm very passionate about it your charitable work. The other word would be "passionate", because you guys are very passionate about the people working for the company and your clients, and you provide excellent customer service. That's a key! Whether it's for marketing, or sales, or building the brand that you want to keep, you must provide excellent customer service. 

Thank you, J! Do you want to give some tips and tricks for people thinking of becoming part of the TechniFam?

Yes, I do and I'd like to break it into a few parts. I know some people are skeptical about how to begin this, and everything around becoming an affiliate to a company. The critical thing is if you're interested in becoming a gaming influencer, the key is in just starting and then grow from there. You're going to make mistakes here and there. As an affiliate, I didn't really get going strong until like a month or two into it and understanding what to do, what not to do, what to post, what not to post. For example, I had to learn the hard way that posting your discount code on Techni Sports posts isn't approved, and other minor mistakes. I made that mistake myself, and later, I learned what I shouldn't do and how to improve on my promo methods. With time and effort, I did less and less of the mistakes. Then, regarding your posts, it's important to always post on Instagram stories using the right tags. That's a great way to let your content get out there and be seen by more people.

There will always be a big volume of online searches for #TechniSport. Don't forget to also use other hashtags for trending games or challenges using your code in the description. The pushup challenge is an excellent example. That was a great hashtag to use when you're doing your pushup challenges with your Techni Sport gaming chair. I do recommend if there are any challenges out there, do them with your Techni Sport chair, it will increase your sales for sure; whether it's a dance or a pushup challenge, or anything like that, use that hashtag. If you are already an affiliate and trying to improve your sales to get to a partner level, you want to make sure that you are utilizing your discount code everywhere: posts on Twitch, social media, streams, stories, and everywhere. Make sure you're talking to people in real life about it as well, when you go out to the mall, wear the Techni Sport gear, get out there and spread the word. Also, I use the app called IFTTT ( to help me with the different hashtag research, and I use Google trends to spot gaming trends. Do any type of search engine optimization to pinpoint what keywords people are searching for, whether it's about the latest video games or gaming chairs would be the keywords to look for. 

Awesome! We can conclude that every influencer should learn some basic marketing tricks for promoting Techni Sport, correct?

Yes, because, for example, I always have my discount code on my streams. Every time viewers come in, they ask if the chair I'm sitting on and the hat I'm wearing is the same brand as the logo underneath, and then they ask about my code. Someone would also ask me to tell them a little bit more about the company. Then I can provide more information about the benefits of the company and the chair and the differences between this one and some knockoff you can get off of Amazon. The fact that you're actually talking to them and explain them in detail, builds some sort of chemistry, and they feel as though they can trust you. Sometimes people will say: "Okay, let me support you, I'll make sure to use your discount code when I buy it." 

It's nice that you count on human interaction with your community to build trust. Does it feel a bit like selling and how do you feel about that?

Yeah, so I've never been a salesman, although I do have a degree in accounting. What I've learned is, ultimately you want to provide the best information that is going to help the person next to you, and not focus on the need of making a sale. Because there have been some times when I had a customer that was like, okay, I do want this, you know, XL1 or the XXL2 two or TS 80, but the price isn't within my budget. I will give them other choices. I still explain to them what's the difference between the one they want and the lower one. Ultimately, you want them to have options, so that way, they're not thinking that you're trying to push them into a sale. If I try to force someone with "hey, you have to get this $300 chair," it wouldn't be fair, you know. Just provide them with the best information you can and always give them a choice. Because sometimes people just need to save up more money before buying a chair. Sometimes, they choose to wait a month and later come back and buy the one they really want instead of downgrading. Lastly, I've even had a person that purchased the charity one; people see the other options and they go on to buy one for their brothers, sister, or girlfriend or something like that. 

Anything else you want to tell us? Where and when can we find you streaming online?

I try to start from 8:30 am EST to 11:30 am EST. Since I have a son and a girlfriend, we all live together and take care of my son. That reminds me that if you're living with your family, you want to make sure you talk to the people you live with about what kind of schedule works for everyone. That way, you can improve your viewership, because everyone always knows that you're going to always be on at the same time. You may start a little bit early or a little later, but they know around what time J_Anchor will be on Twitch, playing whatever game he streams. Just have a stable schedule and stick with it. 

How do you manage real-life responsibilities with your gaming schedule?

People often ask me how I can balance being a Naval officer and still being a partner for Techni Sport. The truth is that you find a way when you have the drive to get something done. Whether it's putting one hour into sharing Techni Sport promotional materials, or doing research, or brainstorming what you want to do to increase your viewership and get your name out there, make sure you make time. Decide what timeframe works best with what your nine to five or whatever job you have and then, and then go from there. You have to really want it, and then you have to put in the hard work. 

I have dedicate hours every week, to build my brand and to provide different advertisements and support for my Techni Sport clients. I advertise Techni on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter. I take all the banners Techni Sport has provided us with, and try to make my own versions, I place my code on them and share them often. Sometimes, my Techni customers want to see the standard banners, and sometimes they want to see what effort I put in to make my own as well. This way they see that you're so passionate about the brand, you're even making your own promo graphics. I've had customers on both sides, some that want to see the professional Techni banners and some that want to see the graphics I made. People get excited about me growing as a marketer. I even ran into some customers that were digital marketers, and they gave me some tips, especially starting off. They were telling me ways to advertise, and what to avoid, so we even became friends through exchanging marketing experience.

I mostly stream on Twitch with "J_Anchor Gaming." Um, I have a Mixer account, but I mostly use it to watch other affiliates, or partners streaming on Mixer. That's my way of being able to still communicate with them. 

That is awesome to hear, and we are happy and proud to have you on board. Guys, go ahead and check out J_Anchor online, there's much to learn from him!

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  • J Anchor

    It is an honor to be apart of this outstanding Technisport Family. Thank you for the interview and I can’t wait to do events with you in the near future!!!

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