The Ultimate Gaming Setup

Ever wondered what the ultimate set up looks like? So have I. We’ve all dreamed of that perfect set up, be it Console gamers or PC gamers alike. We all like our own different things. In this article i’m looking to find out what makes the ultimate gaming set up and how to make your dreams a reality! 

What inspires you? 

There are many things to look for when creating your own set up, you have to look for the things that mean something to you. Are you a super flamboyant person and want your desk to light up brighter than the Vegas strip or are you more of a subtle quiet person who favors calm cool minimalist tones?

Lets dive in and see what we need to create the ultimate set up.

Numero Uno

Depending on where you’re going to be gaming you’re going to need either a desk or a TV unit. 

TV units can be found anywhere (Techni Mobili is your best friend) and can be found in any kind of shape, size and color. This will stand pride of place in the living room with that prized screen sitting atop. 

Desks, that’s something else entirely. There are absolutely hundreds of choices you can get a simple office desk, or if you really want to get fancy get yourself a gaming desk. TechniSport USA really stands out from the crowd here with desks starting from $109.99 to $309.99 for a desk that looks straight out of a Sci Fi movie with its tempered glass top, curved x shape chrome legs and ambidextrous set up. 

Don’t forgot a chair too there is a wide variety of chairs out there depending on what you want, a simple office chair will work but if you’re going to be sitting down for a long gaming session you’re going to want a comfortable supportive chair. Enter TechniSport again there chairs are that good they are an official sponsor of The Esports Arena in San Ana, California and a few top Tier Gaming Teams. 

Numero Dos 

So you’ve got that shiny new TV unit/ space age desk and you’re now wondering what to place on top well I can help there! Current televisions are getting smarter by the day, gone are the days when you could barely see what was happening right in front of you! 2017 became the year of 4K gaming. And it has been a serious revolution, especially with 4K televisions going down in price and finding their way into our homes. 

You can also find 4K PC monitors that look absolutely stunning and features clarity that is totally uncompromising. I’d definitely recommend curved monitors too, especially if you’re running a dual monitor set up, the immersion factor is breathtaking.

Numero Tres

Right we’re getting somewhere we have that shiny new TV unit and our 4K HDR television, or our space age ergonomic TechniSport desk and our monitors sitting there waiting to be played. But what are we playing these days? Scanning through the ever expanding social network that is Instagram siphoning out the perfect selfie attempts and the #NoFilters i stumbled upon a great bunch of gamers out there who were wiling to share their own set ups and stories with me.

 First off is Charlotte (@charshee) who has been gaming since watching her brother play the Ocarina of time all those years ago. With the release of the PS4 Charlotte really got back into the gaming scene enjoying all the exclusives it has to offer and the wonderful quirky indie game releases. Char has a nice and easy laid back approach simply chilling out in her bedroom with her PS4 hooked up to the TV enjoying the emotional roller-coaster of a story from The Last Of Us. Chars ideal set up would be a dual monitor layout with a multiple consoles to switch about. One last thing that she needs to complete her set up though is space for her Funko Pop collection as no true set up is complete without a memorabilia collection to finish it off. 

Isabelle (@kadustuniverse) also took some time out of her day to speak to me too. Isabelle has been gaming since she was a young girl too following around her older brother and taking that second controller and enjoying those Super Mario days of the NES. Isabelle uses a PS4 in her living room and is a laid back gamer, she enjoys lying down on the couch wrapped in a blanket and listening to the fireplace and settling down playing her favorite games the Mass Effect series. Isabelle also is a PC gamer and has another small desk set up in her office. Isabelle ideal set up would be a whole gaming room featuring a large crisp TV and all her favorite consoles linked up and mounted on the wall as well as a whole new PC set up in the back. Although with all this she admits she’d probably spend more donning her desk with figures and an endless array of games. 

So there you have it, all you need for a great set up and most of it can be found on this website. But it’s all down to preference sometimes you can’t beat chilling in bed laid back gaming until the early hours of the morning and others you’re sitting up on the edge of your seat on a kill streak getting that play of the game! 

I’d like to thank Charlotte and Isabelle for taking the time to give me an insight into what got them into gaming all those years ago and their ideal future set ups. 

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