5 tips to stay inspired and grow your Twitch, Youtube or Facebook gaming channel

5 tips to stay inspired and grow your Twitch, Youtube or Facebook gaming channel

Everyone has experienced moments of boredom. Even if you are "living the dream" of being a full-time streamer, there will be certain times of feeling uninspired and unsatisfied. We are here to find more ways to keep you creative and help you propel your dreams as a gamer. Let's dive into the five ways we discovered to help you break such periods of creative stagnation.

Go out and breathe in some fresh air!

This might come as a surprise. We aren't advising you to game more, sit more, read more, record more content. Quite the opposite!! We encourage you to go out and take a walk. Disconnect from all electronic devices and breathe in some fresh air. Daylight is extremely beneficial for an elevated mood; therefore, it's believed to help with higher creativity, as well. It's not a bad idea to explore how you feel in silence. Let your mind wander and see what kind of new ideas come to you.

Learn to play a musical instrument!

The second tip for positively increasing your brain activity would be to put it to work. Try learning something new like a musical instrument or a new language. Exploring new challenges will increase your creativity and bring joy to your life. On another note, learning to play music could also prove to be very helpful for video creation. Sound takes a big part in the video world and making it yourself will help on many levels. Your streams will feel more personal and you will be saving money on sound design.  

Plan or book a trip! 

If you can afford to travel, we highly recommend doing so. The best way to break the mundane day to day work is to go to someplace new. It doesn't have to be an expensive vacation. If you're into camping and nature exploration trips, you could do that on a budget and still reap the fruits of being away from your gaming room. Enjoying beautiful nature sceneries is a sure way to help you recharge and rebalance your spirit. In case you're not into nature, feel free to book a cheap Airbnb and go explore a different city environment. Disconnect from the repetitiveness of your streaming days. 

Watch and learn from the best content creators!

This one goes without saying. In order to be one of the best, you have to be inspired by the competition and you probably already do that. This time we have a different idea! You can spend some time watching streamers who don't fit into your niche. For example, if you're into streaming games like Valorant, or League of legends and always watch others who play the same, go ahead and switch it up completely. Watch someone who has the best cooking channel on Youtube, or the best music channel on Twitch. Try to reverse engineer their workflow and get fresh ideas for your videos.

Use your hands to build something!

One of the best ways to challenge yourself and learn a new skill is to take on a simple engineering project. Making things with your hands is great for improving your mental health, decreasing stress, and relieving anxiety. We also recommend recording the process, just in case you decide to place it on youtube later. 


Remember that you have to stay inspired to live a fulfilled life. As soon as you feel drained of your energy, you know it's time to recharge, and there are many ways to do that. You could follow one or more of our tips, or you could come up with your own ideas to cope with such moments. The most important is to take action!

Please let us know in the comment section below if you've discovered other true ways to boost your creativity and stay inspired! 

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  • Achilles1169

    It helps to get out on my motorcycle to Stay focused. I usually get in a ride or 4 they out the week to not only clear my mind but step away to think clearer. I also take a lap around the schools track next to me 3 times a week

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